Tips for Creating a Backyard Oasis This Summer


Summertime is here, and with COVID-19 vaccines available, we’re now able to gather with friends and family once more. If you’re looking at your backyard and thinking about an upgrade, there’s no better time to get a loan from your credit union. Here are our best tips to create a backyard oasis in Atlanta, GA:

  • Make it private: The difference between hanging out in your own backyard and hanging out in a park is primarily the privacy aspect. Create a tucked-away oasis by emphasizing your privacy, whether you add outdoor screens, curtains, higher fences or big shrubs. The less you worry about what the neighbors will think, the more fun you can have.

  • Build a deck or patio: Decks and patios are the best use of your outdoor space, especially if you plan to host get-togethers often. Not only do they provide a good space for outdoor meals and lounging, but they’re also great for kid activities.

  • Create conversation areas: When you’re designing your space, think of a few “conversation areas” for guests and residents alike. Sitting under a gazebo or pergola is one option. Gathering around a fire pit can keep the party going well into the night (and year-round, at that). Furnish them with good outdoor chairs, pillows and blankets to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible.

  • Find the perfect outdoor furnishings: Speaking of outdoor furnishings, why not invest in some beautiful yet functional pieces? As a general rule of thumb, you should have at least one “lounging” piece, one dining table and plenty of chairs for your guests. This will serve you well every time you want to eat al fresco or read a book outside.

  • Create a grill and meal prep space: Eating al fresco often requires outdoor cooking. Designate a specific area of your outdoor space to grilling and meal prep, so you can keep your indoor kitchen cool and clean.

  • Add plenty of lighting: If you plan to spend time outdoors, you’ll need lighting. LED lanterns, twinkle lights and “candles” are great fireproof options that will add a warm, romantic glow to your space.

  • Get pests under control: Got bugs? (Who doesn’t?) If mosquitoes and other pests plague you outside, add pest control measures to ensure that you can enjoy an outdoor meal without becoming one yourself.

  • Add plants and herbs: Once your backyard is starting to get into shape, it’s time to add decorative and functional plants and herbs. Not only will they add natural beauty to your backyard space, but they’ll smell great, too.

  • Find one “fun” focal point: Finally, think about a “fun” focal point you can add to your backyard. For some people, that’s a pool or a hot tub—but you can also add a hammock, a swing set or even a bocce ball court for people of all ages.

When you’re ready to update your backyard in Atlanta, GA, Emory Alliance Credit Union can help with a home equity line of credit. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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