Safe Online Shopping During the Holiday


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The holidays are the perfect time to get together with friends and family and exchange gifts, but shopping for these gifts can come with its own challenges, especially if you’re buying online. With the majority of transactions occurring online these days, there are several risks that can affect your financial security. Protect yourself from any potential threats this holiday season with these tips:  

Shop on Secure Sites

Always make sure you’re shopping on secure and reputable websites. If you have any doubts about the website you’re shopping on, be sure to conduct some research prior to buying and read over the company’s reviews and ratings. Also, be sure to look out for any valid security symbols on the web page, such as the secure sockets layer encryption lock. Another good way to see if an online retailer is legit is to check the top left hand corner of your internet browser’s address bar and look for HTTPS lock symbol. That small lock symbol means the website is encrypted and your transaction information is secure. 

Avoid Shopping on Public Networks

You may be tempted to do some online shopping while you’re sitting at your local coffee shop, but it’s safer to do this at home or on a secure Wi-Fi network. Hackers may be intercepting traffic on public wireless networks to steal credit card numbers and other confidential information, so avoid entering credit card numbers and passwords while using public Wi-Fi networks.

Monitor Transactions

Keep a close eye on your billing statements and look out for any fraudulent activity. One way to stop (or at least to contain) online fraud is to stay on top of things, and there is nothing easier these days than monitoring your financial accounts. You can set up daily reports and transaction alerts with your bank and credit card accounts. This makes checking your accounts part of your regular routine. You can also set up alerts that let you know about every transaction, big or small, or only monitor transactions above a certain threshold—all of it can be sent to a smart device or your email, thus making it easy to know what’s going on with your accounts or credit cards at a glance. When it comes to holiday shopping, you want to make sure you’re keeping your financial information safe and following the tips mentioned in this article.

If you would like any more help on protecting your finances during the holiday season, then be sure to speak with one of our UFSR, Universal Financial Service Reps, to learn about protecting your credit card with CardGuard. Our team of UFSR’s can help provide tips on suggestions to keep your financial account information secure during the holiday season.

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