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Moving Forward - Second Chance Program

We understand life happens and sometimes events occur which may set us back financially. At Emory Alliance Credit Union, we believe everyone deserves a second chance.  Our Moving Forward program is designed to get you moving in the right direction.  Whether you need to re-establish or build your credit, this second chance program is intended to get you moving forward.

Moving Forward Savings Account - Set aside money for those unexpected emergencies by establishing a $50 minimum monthly direct deposit.

Moving Forward Checking Account - Designed to help you learn to manage a checking account and debit card.  Keep this account in good standing for one year, and you may be eligible to transfer to one of our traditional checking accounts.

Moving Forward Auto Loan -  Let us get you on the road again with a monthly payment you can afford.  This loan offers an incentive to reduce your interest rate by making your payments on time.

Secured VISA® credit cards - This second chance card works like any other credit card and can be used anywhere VISA® is accepted.  Deposit as little as $500 up to $5,000 in a secured separate savings account to establish your credit limit.

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