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You can deposit checks by phone from almost anywhere with the Emory Alliance Credit Union Mobile Banking App on your smartphone or tablet.  It is quick and easy!

Step 1: Make sure your check is endorsed properly. The back of the check must contain your signature, your member number, and the phrase “Mobile Deposit Only”.            

Step 2 : Log in to the mobile app and tap the Deposit icon.  Next, tap Deposit Check.

Step 3 : Select the account that you want the deposit applied to.                   

Step 4 : Enter the amount of the check.

Step 5 : Take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check.                  

Step 6 : Confirm that details are correct, and tap Confirm.

You can verify if the deposit was successfully submitted for approval by tapping on Check Deposit History.  The deposit should be listed as pending. Start making mobile check deposits at your convenience today!

MOBILE APPS - Available for the iPhone or iPad and the Android

Click on the logo below to access the appropriate App for your phone or device.

       App Store       Google Play

Mobile Deposit FAQ's

What is the cut off time for depositing checks through the mobile app?

Checks deposited by 2:30 pm Eastern time, on business days, will post to the account around 3:30 pm the same day.  Deposits that are received after 2:30 pm Eastern time, will process on the following business day around 3:30 pm.

When will my funds be available to spend?

Funds are normally held for 2 days from the date of the deposit’s acceptance.

Is there a dollar limit on mobile deposits?

The default daily limit is $2,500.00.  Daily limits are at the discretion of EACU Management and can be increased for select accounts.  If you would like to request to have your limit increased, please contact our call center at 404-486-4164 and ask a representative.

How should I endorse the check?

Federal regulations require that you sign your name on the back and write the phrase, “For mobile deposit only,” directly beneath.

What should I do with the paper check after depositing it through the mobile app?

We recommend that you store the check for 7 days after the deposit has been accepted.  You will want to have the original check handy in case there are any issues with the mobile deposit.

What types of checks are accepted through Mobile Deposit?

Personal checks, business checks, government or treasury checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders.  All checks must be from a U.S. institution and in U.S. dollars.

Are there any fees?

There are no credit union fees for using the mobile app to deposit a check.  We recommend checking with your wireless service provider to see if any data fees may apply.

Can I deposit a check using my computer or laptop?

At this time, checks can only be deposited through the mobile application on a smartphone or tablet.


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