Online Banking

Bill Pay Service

Receive and Pay Your Bills Online

It's never been easier to pay bills! Pay anyone, anytime - in one convenient place. Emory ACU's Bill Pay Service saves money and time. Plus, you can elect to receive bills electronically from companies or merchants.

Bill Pay - If you have an Emory ACU checking account that is in good standing you can enroll in our bill pay service and pay your bills every month FREE.

Payment Center

Keeping track of payments is easy with the Payment Center. From the Payment Center you can:

  • Pay your bills at your convenience.
  • Set up bill pay reminders.
  • Schedule payments in advance.
  • Set up recurring payments.
  • View payment history.

Adding a Bill

A biller is any person or company to which you make payment, such as utility providers, credit card companies or even your babysitter. Some billers can send you e-bills - electronic billing statements that save you even more time.

Requesting E-Bills

Some large companies can send electronic "e-bills" directly to your bill pay service. You get the same information as on your paper bill, and you can even store e-bills up to six months for easy online reference.

Receiving E-Bills

E-Bills are electronic versions of your paper bills that you can receive through Online Banking. When you log on to the Payment Center, you will be notified of your new e-bills.

Or if you have opted to receive e-bills through e-mail, you will receive an e-mail notification that the e-bill is ready for viewing.

If you have any questions, send us an email through Online Banking or call us at 404.329.6415.

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